cold weather activity ideas for seniors

Cold Weather Activity Ideas for Your Senior Family Member

Aging can bring additional challenges, like a weaker immune system and loss of mental dexterity. Plus, as we age, it can be harder to maintain the right body temperature, and experiencing cold temperatures can result in illness. That’s why it’s so important for elderly people to maintain a safe body temperature and not stay outside too long during the winter.

At The Landing at Cape Elizabeth, we organize fall and winter activities to keep our seniors active and enjoying all the activities they love, while ensuring they remain vibrant and healthy all year long.

Take a look at some cold weather activities that are perfect for senior family members, many of which are offered here at The Landing at Cape Elizabeth.

Watch a Classic Movie

Everyone loves a movie night with popcorn and their favorite movie snacks! Enjoy an older film or something new – just be sure to make it into an event to remember. We recommend having an official start time to make it more of an occasion.

Read Spooky Stories

This time of year is perfect for enjoying scary stories. If your loved one enjoys reading or having stories read to them, be sure to bring out their favorite book. Better yet, stop by the library to find something new!

Enjoy Some Music

For many people, music brings back happy memories and is a calming activity. Ukulele, piano, and fiddles are just some of the instruments we work on with our seniors.

Have a Game Night

Nothing keeps things as interesting as a competitive game night! Bingo is a must, as well as word games, trivia, Pictionary, and classic card games.

Get Creative

Painting and crafts can help seniors express their emotions. Coloring, painting, and even writing poetry are wonderful ways to encourage creativity through art.

Light Exercise

A walk outside may be doable, depending on the temperature. Otherwise, exercises inside can keep the blood pumping and help your loved one stay limber. Just make sure their specific exercises are approved by their doctor. At The Landing at Cape Elizabeth, we have exercise classes led by experienced staff members who can make sure our seniors are exercising safely.

At The Landing at Cape Elizabeth, we offer exceptional assisted living the way it should be. If you would like to tour our community and learn more about how we keep our seniors happy and healthy, please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a consultation.

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