Inspired Life at Cape Elizabeth

Inspired Life is our Lifestyle and Activities Program for our residents at The Landing at Cape Elizabeth. It is a signature comprehensive activity program that encompasses new experiences and enriches old favorites. The program is thoughtfully designed to allow our residents to enjoy a full and purposeful life. 

The goal of Inspired Life is to provide predictable, balanced programs that incorporate the latest research in holistic living environments and socially purposeful activities to create a feeling of wellbeing in seniors. It is a mix of active and sedentary, familiar, and new, comfortable, and challenging.  

To guide the direction of the program calendar, each resident will be asked to share their interests with us when they arrive, in the form of their Inspired Life Resident History. The objective of the Inspired Life Resident History is designed to incorporate what individual residents are passionate about, help residents make connections with others who have shared interests and encourage residents to new program offerings all in a setting of safety and support. Some are large group activities, while some clubs and special interest groups could have as few as four or five dedicated participants.  

There are 6 components of the INSPIRED LIFE Program: 

  • Physical Wellness = Senior Strong
  • Spiritual Wellness = Open Mind 
  • Emotional Wellness = Holistic Exploration
  • Social Wellness = Nature Lovers 
  • Intellectual Wellness = Cranium Stretch 
  • Occupational Wellness = Busy Hands 

The Inspired Life Program is divided into these six categories of engagement and color coded on the program calendar to ensure residents and families can visualize the variety of program offerings. We’re proud to ensure our residents are continually enjoying a purposeful, fun, engaging program calendar that they can participate in as much or as little as they choose.  

Popular Inspired Life programs at The Landing at Cape Elizabeth: 

  • Ageless Artists 
  • Chair-Robics
  • Enriched Life Bird Watchers 
  • The Lodge Culinary Club 
  • Wine Enthusiasts Club
  • Bloom and Bud (floral arranging, gardening)

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