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Thrive Memory Care: What is ThriveCare®?

At The Landing at Saco Bay, ThriveCare® is both our lifestyle and our therapy program. This unique holistic program of nurturing care is offered to every resident and is specifically called Thrive because we believe that, within the context of the disease they are living with, there is no reason we can’t still make every day as meaningful and joyous as possible. In other words, we help our residents thrive physically and mentally by supporting them in every way.

We know in that in normal communication what you say is of primary importance. However, in the case of seniors who are losing their ability to process information, how you say something is more important. Our communications training is extensive, unique, and deeply meaningful to our residents and staff.

We have learned that consistency is vital to our residents. We begin each day with slow, comforting waking routines as well as a nutritious breakfast. The day continues with easy warm up activities to help residents gain confidence. After lunch, each resident continues the day with more active, physical, and mental activities designed in a personalized manner. For example, our exclusive Down Home Cooking® program is often happening resulting in a favorite afternoon treat. The rhythm of the day winds down with a light dinner often accompanied by soothing instrumental music. Comforting movies or reading aloud may occur before getting ready for a good night’s sleep.

At The Landing at Saco Bay, we take great pride in our customized and thorough staff training for our RNs, LPNs and nurses’ aides. Each member of our leadership team is a Certified Dementia Practitioner.  In addition, our ThriveCare training for all direct care staff far exceeds Maine requirements and is the cornerstone of our care. We also partner with community experts and specialists in various healthcare fields to provide exceptional and holistic care for our residents.

Research tells us that along with appropriate activity and good health care, diet is vital to maintaining health, particularly for those with memory loss. Our compassionate dining program is a significant component of ThriveCare. It stimulates appetite with an appropriate dining room atmosphere and choices that are best for those with limited dining ability. Our food is homemade, not preprocessed, and has the right mix of fresh and Maine-sourced vegetables, whole grains and proteins to maximize enjoyment and health. Sugar and fat are kept to a minimum, but never to the extent that food is not delicious!


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