Recent Testimonials

“My mother has been a resident at The Landing for the last few years and it has been  a wonderful experience for both her and our family.  The staff is an incredible group of dedicated, loving and caring professionals who go above and beyond caring for and about all the residents as members of their own family.  When I am there visiting my mom she always comments to me  “everyone here is so nice and helpful”. I know what she is referring to, it’s all the acts of kindness shown by the staff each and every day that help brighten my mothers day when we cannot be there; playing her favorite music, dancing with her, going for walks, and engaging her in activities with other residents.  They watch over and protect her, and reassure her when she is feeling anxious and lonely. 

There are many group activities the staff run throughout the day for residents to gather and enjoy.  My mother loves the live concerts,  movies, and other fun activities they offer.  The staff is great at encouraging my mom and all the other residents  to engage in these activities helping them stay active both physically and mentally.  

 I love going to visit my mom at The Landing.  As soon as I enter the building I receive a warm welcome by the staff, who know me by name and always ask how I am doing and if there is anything they can do for me. They are always polite and helpful in every encounter always looking to assist in any way possible. I have worked as a nurse for over 30 years and for me it is the best feeling in the world is knowing when I leave The Landing after visiting my mother, even though I will miss her till I see her again, I  leave with the peace of mind of knowing she is being well cared for by highly qualified professionals who care for her as one of their own.

Over the last year I was  so grateful my mother was at The Landing. Throughout the pandemic  the leadership team kept everyone updated and informed about our family members and any changes in CDC guidelines regarding visitation and the facility. The Leadership team went above and beyond keeping everyone, staff, residents and families updated with the latest information.  There were many emails to ease our worried minds, video’s of loved ones, pictures, zoom and FaceTimes, phone calls to keep us all connected. Although we were apart, we knew our loved ones were in good hands. We all knew the dedication and expertise of these individuals caring for our loved ones and that they were doing all that was necessary to keep them safe. Through their dedication, diligence and hard work of all of the staff, residents, and family members remained safe throughout the worst pandemic in 200 years. 

I have always heard over the years about the wonderful reputation The Landing has as a family oriented great place to live, but I never knew how great it really was till my mother became a resident there, now I do.  I am grateful for the staffs dedication to their mission of The Landing be a place where the residents feel at home, and feel cared for each and every day. There is no other place I would want my mother to be, and there is no other place she would want to live then The Landing because she feels it is her home and she has grown to love and cherish her new extended family.  

Thank you to all the staff members for all you do each and every day for all of us, your kindness and compassion is appreciated more than words can ever express.”

-Theresa N., Daughter of current resident 

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